Hey, Hoopy Froods! If you’re feeling hungry, put the corners of this towel in your mouth!

Hitchhiker's Guide BBQ Towel Rangoons Header

Hey, Hoopy Froods! In honor of Towel Day, we bring you something more to snack on than a bag of peanuts and cup of not-tea while you curl up with your favorite towel and a copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Hitchhiker’s Guide BBQ Towel Rangoons 1 sheet unperforated crescent roll dough 4 cups water 2 chicken breasts

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Make a Settlers of Catan Cake Faster Than You Can Play The Game

Kitchen Overlord's Easy Settlers of Catan Cake

It’s no surprise I freaking love Settlers of Catan. Heck, I wrote a whole cookbook around the game. But let’s be honest – sometimes, even Overlords have lazy days.  Whoever’s in charge of cranking out a gazillion new silicone cake molds every week made my life a hell of a lot easier when they caught onto the fact that if

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Geek Cake Friday: 12 Delicious Doctor Who Aliens

Cyberman Cake by Cakes Decor

While you’re waiting for your super easy Wibbly Wobbly Blue Curacao Cake to bake in one of the nifty silicone TARDIS cake molds, stare enviously at these gorgeous yet time consuming fondant creations depicting all your favorite Doctor Who aliens. Eat the Evidence walks you through a step by step guide to adding more delicious fat to your diet. And

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Dining With The Doctor Cookbook Art Preview and Early Ebook Release

Snowmen vs Christmas Trees illustration from Dining With the Doctor Cookbook

We’re at the halfway mark with two weeks left! As an extra incentive to share Kitchen Overlord’s Doctor Who Cookbook Kickstarter with your friends, everyone who backs us at the $35 level and up will get their ebooks at least two months before the print books roll out. You see, printing books is really time consuming. Once the printers have

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Ood Bao to Weeping Angel Food Cake: Sneak Peek at Doctor Who Cookbook Photos

Whovian Cookbok Group Shot 01

Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated is now 44% of the way to our goal with 115 backers! As loyal Kitchen Overlord minions, I know you’re hungry for a sneak peek at some of the original recipes inside. I already posted a recipe for Deviled Ood with Horseradish and Bacon from Season 2, Episode 9, but that’s not the only Ood-tastic

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Deviled Ood with Horseradish and Bacon

Ood deviled eggs with horseradish and bacon from Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated

Deviled Ood with Horseradish and Bacon (Season 2, Episode 9: The Satan Pit) Are you questioning the logic of exploring a planet orbiting a black hole? Has your favorite archaeologist acquired some disturbing new tattoos? Are your Ood servants muttering incomprehensible gibberish while serving your food? No? Well, they will be once they see these fast and easy one-bite appetizers

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