Rosh Hashanah Apple Horn

Greetings! We’re one day away from the year 5775!* If you’re reading this from the year 2014, my goodness, life has changed. First off, I know you think standing in a gold and lapis encrusted chariot is impressive, but I’ve got a chariot made from…

Rosh Hashanah Apple Horn



Kitchen Overlord Hobbit Week - Hobbit Feast for Supper

September 22 happens to be both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins birthdays! In honor of Hobbit Day, enjoy this selection of recipes from An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unofficial Book of Hobbit Cookery, available in hardback November 1st. Click the photos or the links to be taken…

Happy Hobbit Day!

DW Backpack 05

In honor of Back to School season coinciding with Capaldi’s debut as The Doctor, has a sale on three different Doctor Who backpacks, each with horrifically bad, keyword laden titles that will make your average Whovian scream. Luckily, no one has to know the…

Battle of the Whovian Backpacks

Whovian Bowtie pull apart rolls

These bowties are particularly good dipped in custard (especially if it’s slightly lumpy from all the fish finger crumbs) or smeared with Nutella. If you’re smart enough to follow the Doctor’s advice and always bring a banana to a party, you can make a dessert…

You serve bowties now. Bowties are cool.

Cyberman Cucumber Heads

This week I’m honoring my laziest readers with cheap, fast, easy recipes for your Whovain viewing party. So far, I’ve brought you $10 Zygon Head Pizza Bread and $10 Fez Cupcakes – but what if you’re down to nothing more than the spare change in…

Cucumber Cybermen Will Assimilate Your Veggie Tray

Fast Fez Cupcakes for Whovian viewing parties

If you’ve got $10 and 100 minutes, you can impress your fellow Whovians this Saturday with a plate full of edible fezzes. Fast Fez Cupcakes 1 box red velvet cake mix 1 tub cream cheese icing ½ tbsp red food coloring 1 black icing pen…

It’s a Fez. I eat Fezzes now.



Kitchen Overlord - Vegan Cyberman Pull Apart Bread

I was promised the eternal love of a 10 year old boy if I would pretty please make some Cyberman Fougasse. I don’t know how many of you have tried buying a child groom on the open market recently, but a couple hours in the…

Cyberman Pull-Apart Bread Will Delete Your Hunger


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