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Is This a Magnetic Belt Buckle or Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener?

Bottle Openers Review Screencap

After my disappointment with the R2D2 Measuring Cups, R2D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser, and Lightsaber Chopsticks, I was sure the Millennium Falcon would finally be the Star Wars product of my dreams – something beautifully engineered AND fully functional. Well…it’s beautifully engineered. I promise I’m not insanely critical of all geeky kitchen gadgets. I adore the Doctor Who silicone bakeware and

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Catan-Tastic Complete Friendsgiving Recipe Plan

Wood for Sheep: The Settlers of Catan Cookbook - Thanksgiving Board

If you’re hosting your first Friendsgiving, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Whether your guests are students enjoying their first American Thanksgiving or friends who can’t make it home to their families, you can still present them with an impressive, traditional meal while also keeping it casual. I’ve simplified these recipes with the goal of helping

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Ichabod Crane’s Colonial Cider Cake with Bonus Heart Shaped Pan Review

Ichabod Crane's Colonial Cider Cake

Cake has not always been an overly sweet confection topped with a thick and offensive paste of tasteless fat and sugar. Nay, there was a time when civilized people sat down to tea and enjoyed a few scant bites of sweetness to awaken the senses and delight the tongue during the longest part of the afternoon. Take heed and I

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Edible Art: Walking Dead Dandelion Green and Walnut Pesto

KO Walking Dead Pesto Header

A year into the Zombie Apocalypse, all the canned goods will be long since eaten. You’ll have to take matters into your own hands – literally. This week, our illustrated recipe shows you how our favorite band of zombie apocalypse survivors could realistically prepare a tasty marinade for all those squirrels Daryl keeps shooting. It also happens to be incredibly

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