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Dinner: 7 Hobbit Meals in 7 Days (SXSW Video Challenge)

Dinner: 7 Hobbit Meals in 7 Days

We made it! Seven videos in seven days! Now who wants to celebrate with squirrel for dinner! No? What about oxtails? Maybe a nice rabbit? The late Victorian villagers who inspired Tolkien’s Shire would’ve cheerfully eaten anything they could trap. For the last video in the Hobbit Chow series, we talk about their love of foods we’d consider roadkill and

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SECOND Breakfast: 7 Hobbit Meals in 7 Days (SXSW Daily Video Challenge)

SECOND Breakfast: 7 Hobbit Meals in 7 Days

I’m back for the second day of my SXSW Daily Video Challenge! Now that Breakfast grounded you in the reality of late Victorian food, it’s time to loosen up and enjoy the pure fantasy of Second Breakfast. I don’t know about you, but the idea of eating two identical meals one after another sounds pretty boring. Instead of picturing Second

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The Kickstarter is done. All hail the new Kickstarter!


ILLUSTRATED GEEK COOKBOOK Good news, everybody! Behold my last batch of Illustrated Geek Cookbook Kickstarter orders. Now that all our backers have their books, Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Cookbook is available to anybody who possesses both $24.95 and excellent taste. You can pick up a copy of your very own at DINING WITH THE DOCTOR: REGENERATED At the end of

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Double my money! Hobbit Cookbook author offers $600 matching grant for One Last Party

Hobbit - One Last Party

As the author of the new Hobbit cookbook, I’m happy to support fellow epic level fan endeavors. The good folks at The One Ring have created an online community for Tolkien lovers for the last sixteen years, all run by fans, for fans. In celebration of the last Hobbit movie, they’re throwing One Last Party. Imagine a glamorous LA Oscar

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Mock Koopa Troopa Soup with Power Star Cornbread

Mock Koopa Troopa Soup With Power Stars Cornbread

One of these days, Mario is going to get so fed up with Bowser’s constant kidnappings he’ll kill that crazy turtle, grind his bones to make his bread and boil his flesh to make his stew. The plumber is out of other options. It’s either go full Grimm’s Fairy Tales on Bowser or admit that just maybe Princess Peach isn’t

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Set Your Ginger Beards to Stunning!

santa beard

Behold a world of tasty potential! With one cookie, you can fulfill The Doctor’s wish to finally be a Ginger, instantly transform into the Mirror Universe version of yourself, or turn a cookie jar upside down and pretend they’re scarab beetles falling out of a Stargate. Whether you choose to use your powers for good or evil, you’ll need a

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How to Eat Like a Hobbit in Seven Steps: Dinner

Hobbit Cookbook - Boxty

It’s no surprise potatoes are one of the only three new world crops Tolkien couldn’t bear to ban from the Shire. (He also let them keep coffee and tobacco.) Sure, parsnips and turnips were more nutritious English root vegetables, but nothing can replace the cheap versatility of the simple potato. Boxty was a thick, family sized potato cake cooked in

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