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That’s no moon! It’s a Death Starey-O!

Death Star Oreo Clones

This holiday season, deck the halls with the blood of fallen minions! These Death Star Oreos have a holiday-tastic filling where the red stripe on the peppermint flakes symbolizes the blood of lost Stormtroopers while the antiseptic scent evokes the cleanup crew. Death Star Oreo Clones Cookies: 2 cups granulated sugar ½ cup butter 2 large eggs ½ tsp kosher

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Edible Art: Qui Gon’s Gin Fizz

Kitchen Overlord - Qui Gon's Gin Fizz Header

Impress the Jedi lurking about Mos Eisley with a drink that will make them think you juiced Yoda. Qui-Gon’s Gin Fizz 1 shot gin 2 inches fresh cucumber 1 fresh mint leaf ½ lime 1 tsp simple syrup ½ cup ice 2 drops green food coloring ginger ale Use your lightsaber to slice off a two inch hunk of fresh

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TARDIS Tea Infuser and Heat Changing Mug: 2 Minute Geek Kitchen Gadget Reviews

TARDIS Tea Infuser Screenshot 01

If you’re me, you’re British, or you’re from the alternate world in Fringe, tea is a pretty important part of your day. I’ll be honest with you. If you’re shocked by anything you read here, the rest of your clone cache really should’ve done a better job with your briefing before dropping you off on Earth. In fact, these two

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Avengers Week: Iron Man Arc Reactor Cinnamon Rolls

Kitchen Overlord Iron Man  Sweet Rolls

These Arc Reactor Cinnamon Rolls are almost as delicious as Tony Stark himself. You’re essentially making two different flavors of cinnamon(esque) rolls plus two different icings, then topping them off with a tasty slice of fried banana. Since they’re honestly a bit of a pain to make, consider doubling the recipe so you’ll have enough for the entire helicarrier and

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Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated Kickstarter is now live!


Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated just vworp vworped onto planet Kickstarter! The new cookbook takes the best content from the first edition, doubles the recipes with brand new content, and packages it all in a handsome, professionally printed book any geek would be proud to display on their coffee table (when not smudging it up in the kitchen). The revised

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TARDIS Silicone Spatula: 2 Minute Geek Kitchen Gadget Reviews

TARDIS Silicone Spatula Review Video

I seriously doubt the entity who designed this spatula had ever actually been in a kitchen. Honestly, the TARDIS spatula feels like it was designed by a cultural anthropologist from a distant future alien race who had only read third hand descriptions of food relocation and flipping devices without ever seeing or using one in person. This thing is so

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DINING WITH THE DOCTOR: REGENERATED Kickstarter launches in 3 days!


MOISTURIZE ME! I’m feeling stretched thin now that there are only THREE more days until DINING WITH THE DOCTOR: REGENERATED’s Kickstarter Launch on April 27! Luckily, getting Tom Gordon’s amazing header art has energized invigorated regenerated my energy! So much so, I had to reward you all with a preview of his fantastic header art. The revised & expanded 2nd

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Sonic Screwdriver Stick Peeler: 2 Minute Geek Kitchen Gadget Reviews

Sonic Screwdriver Stick Peeler Review

I highly approve of designers thinking outside the blue police box when coming up with Doctor Who merchandise. Everything doesn’t need to be shaped like a TARDIS. And hey, while they’re at it, why not think outside the usual limitations of kitchen gadgets? Who needs a peeler that removes skin from vegetables when you can sell something far sexier. The

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