PhenomeNOMS: Neil deGrasse Tyson

By Erin Parr Welcome to the third edition of PhenomeNOMS, a look at famous geeks and the food that has either inspired them, or is inspired by them.  This week’s edition features one of the sexiest astrophysicists of all time, Neil deGrasse Tyson! Neil deGrasse Tyson, possibly most famous for demoting Pluto’s planetary status, is an incredibly popular and influential

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Bitchin’ Bread Battle Day 5: Not Quite King’s Hawaiian Style Rolls

After yesterday’s Ood-tastic failure, I decided to try making King’s Hawaiian Style bread again today. I had a couple of ideas for making this recipe work. Increase the sugar, increase the ginger, and most of all, proof the yeast. Most of the Hawaiian Bread knockoff recipes I’ve seen tell you to just mix everything together and wait three hours. I

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Bitchin’ Bread Battle Day 2: Banana (Catan) Bread

I couldn’t take the responsibility for creating and destroying another yeast based civilization two days in a row, so today, I decided it was time to venture into the world of chemically leavened quick breads. Alternately, I realized my uneaten bananas were on the verge of creating new life of their very own. Only you can decide which answer you

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