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13 Whovian Recipes You Can Make For Under $13 in Celebration of the 13th Doctor

Doctor Who Silicone Cookware Review

Okay, according to Moffatt, Capaldi is actually the 12th Doctor, but I’m not about to leave John Hurt’s amazing War Doctor out of any lineup. Therefore, in honor of the 13th Doctor’s return to television, I present you with 13 Whovian recipes you can make for under $13. 1) White Chocolate Cyberman Heads If a tray of fish fingers and

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Cyberman Pull-Apart Bread Will Delete Your Hunger

Kitchen Overlord - Vegan Cyberman Pull Apart Bread

I was promised the eternal love of a 10 year old boy if I would pretty please make some Cyberman Fougasse. I don’t know how many of you have tried buying a child groom on the open market recently, but a couple hours in the kitchen with goggles, yeast, and a can of edible spray paint has to be a

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Kickstarter Update: Whovian Love-A-Thon

Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Geek Cookbook Kickstarter Reward Jack Harness from Torchwood

Allons-Y, Whovians! I’m not saying I’ve kept Tom at the drawing board until his fingers bled (it’s probably just scurvy) but he has finished the Doctor Who inspired art for two of our stretch goals! We’re only $1000 away from giving all our print book backers a copy of the Sulu print, the Kiera Cameron print, AND this brand new

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Vegetarian Week: Sontaran Soldiers

Kitchen Overlord Sontaran Soldiers.

Your Kitchen Overlord is sneaking away a great train caper. Rather than leave you hungry in my absence, this week I’m reprinting five of my best vegetarian recipes in honor of the fact that I’m traveling from the hipster enclave of Austin to the hippie rainforest of Portland in a retro-futuristic style the Victorians would’ve admired. Today, Strax rejoices as

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Consume The Glory of Sontar in the form of Potato Chip Cookies

Kitchen Overlord's Sontaran Potato Chip Cookies

Prepare for battle! We Sontarans have had enough of your insults. We are neither Spudheads nor Pew Pew Potatoes. We are not even Spudmuffins, as some of your adoring females have attested. Sontar produces the greatest warriors the universe has ever known! We have the wisdom and might to achieve victory in every battle, from the fields of Trenzalore to

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12 Days of Geekmas: Top 5 Gifts for Whovian Foodies

12 Days of Geekmas - Top 5 Gifts for Whovian Foodies

Today’s 12 Days of Geekmas guide is an entirely predictable Top 5 Gifts for Whovian Foodies. TARDIS Teapot Disappearing TARDIS Mug Talking TARDIS Cookie Jar TARDIS and Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers Dining With the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook Is there a great Doctor Who kitchen gadget we missed? Go to the comments and share a link with your

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EXTERMINATE your Holiday Blues with this No Bake Dalek Bread

Kitchen Overlord - Nutella Dalek Bread

I hesitate to even call this a recipe. It’s really more of a delicious assembly project for people who are afraid of the fire demons that live in their kitchen’s hot box. I know you exist. You see, Kitchen Overlord’s very first Illustrated Recipe was a version of cinnamon toast tarted up to look like a Dalek. I got comments

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White Chocolate Cyberman Heads

Doctor Who - White Chocolate Cyberman Heads

The first time I realized a white chocolate dipped strawberry looks like a Cybeman’s head, I giggled like the voices that whisper messages via my dental fillings had just given me next week’s lottery numbers. Those simplified faces make this a delightfully easy, instantly recognizable dessert. Making your own is also a heck of a lot cheaper than buying chocolate

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Recipe Countdown: Slitheen Eggs

Slitheen Eggs

This week, Kitchen Overlord is counting down to Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special with iconic Whovian recipes. You’ll find this recipe for Slitheen Eggs in Chapter 1 of Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook. I was honestly surprised to learn the photo is a little shocking for people who have never made Chinese tea eggs. Rest assured, you’re

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Dragon*Con Poster Giveaway

CRO with Walking Dead Poster

Hello, minions! Behold the glory of Kitchen Overlord’s first posters! These 12X18 renditions of our Walking Dead illustrated recipe are the perfect size to decorate your kitchen cabinets while also keeping you abreast of useful post apocalyptic survival skills. We’re mercilessly using these to pimp two of our upcoming books with one promotional item, because here in the lair, we’re

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(Unofficial) Doctor Who StoryBundle, Featuring Dining With the Doctor

Doctor Who StoryBundle

Do you love Doctor Who? Do you hate DRM? Do you want a cheap electronic copy of Dining With the Doctor along with five other Whovian books? Well, this is your lucky day. There are five days left to grab the Unofficial Doctor Who StoryBundle. If you’re familiar with the game-tastic HumbleBundle, this is the same principle, but for DRM

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The 12th Doctor is Peter Capaldi

10th Doctor meets the 12th

Say hello to Peter Capaldi. I was expecting an older doctor this time around, but I wasn’t expecting one we’d already seen on both Doctor Who and Torchwood. I enjoy a good game of spot-the-Whovian-actor whenever I’m watching Merlin/Game of Thrones/Downton Abbey/anything else on BBCA, but this feels a touch excessive. The United Kingdom has over 62 million citizens. Despite

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