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12 Free Walking Dead Coloring Pages + 12 Colorable Character Chibis

wd coloring 03

Buy extra red colored pencils and crayons, because this week’s batch of adult coloring pages celebrates the return of everyone’s favorite slow walk through a dystopian zombie apocalypse. Unlike a gazillion other fandoms, there isn’t an official Walking Dead Adult Coloring book. However, there are oodles of fan artists producing printable black and white pages that are perfect for when

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Geek Cake Friday: 16 Gorgeous Supernatural Cakes

spn cake 04

The Winchester Brothers are back! Celebrate 11 seasons of Supernatural with a collection of cakes almost as delicious as Sam and Dean themselves. Via Top Creative Products This cake will grip your tastebuds tight and raise them from the perdition of salads. via Cake Central I really like the combination of fondant sculptures and hand painted trees on each level.

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11 Free Supernatural Coloring Pages for Season 11 + 2 Slashy Fan Art Coloring Books!

spn padalecki 01

The CW’s Supernatural may be the only nerdy show NOT coming out with a coloring book this season. Never fear, though! Fans have come to your rescue with scads of coloring pages and a few multi-artist coloring books. Celebrate the return of the Winchester brothers and their angelic and demonic sidekicks as they return for an 11th season of the

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10 Nerdiest Coloring Books for Grownups

ACB Doctor Who large

You’d think finding 10 nerdy adult coloring books would be the hardest part of putting together a list like this, but in fact, the most difficult thing was phrasing the title in a way that doesn’t look NSFW. Adult Coloring Books (the mandala kind, not the dirty doodles kind) exploded after the publication of Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden: An Inky

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Geek Cake Friday: 21 Hobbit Holes That’ll Make You Hungry

via over the apple tree

In honor of International Hobbit Week, for this edition of Geek Cake Friday we’ve gathered up enough Hobbit Hole cakes to create your own edible Shire.  Scroll through to see renditions by professional bakeries and fellow geeks alike – including an easy tutorial from The Vegetarian Ginger on making your own Hobbit cake! Via Trekker Scrapbook Leonard Nimoy grinning at his

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Hobbit Week – 8 Tolkien Inspired Coloring Books and Free Adult Coloring Pages

ACP Hobbit Map

Over on Facebook, my most popular posts for the last couple weeks have been links to nerdy grown-up coloring books. Next week, I’m rounding up everything from Doctor Who to Game of Thrones to H.P. Lovecraft for your meditative coloring pleasure, but since this is International Hobbit Week, I’ve rounded up as many Hobbit and Tolkien inspired adult coloring books

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Geek Cake Friday: 10 Doctor Who Cakes (That Aren’t A TARDIS)

DW Gallifreyan 01

Most Doctor Who inspired cakes come in two forms – rectangular blue police boxes or candy colored phallic Daleks. This week, we’re stepping outside the blue box for a look at creative cakes showcasing the rest of Doctor Who’s rich iconography. This elegant Doctor Who cake combines everything from the Seal of Rassilon to the Crack in the Wall to

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8 Free Doctor Who Printables for your Watch Party

Whovian printables cubbie doctor assortment

There’s more to a party than great theme food. If you’re planning a fantastic premier night for your fellow Whovians, print out a few free decorations to make the atmosphere properly wibbly wobbly. Who needs boring serving dishes when you can download these free printable TARDIS candy/gift boxes from A Typical English Home? In fact, if you’re into Cube Craft,

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Hacker’s 20th Anniversary Stoll House Cookies

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.43.27 PM

We cant talk about hackers without giving a nod to one of the greatest true-story hacker stories ever penned!!!  Cliff Stoll was ever so gracious to include his amazing cookie recipe in his book, The Cuckoo’s Egg. You can find his Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe per the foot notes on page 155 of The Cuckoo’s Egg. [ed note: Back in

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Hackers 20th Anniversary Cookies

hackers I want a cookie

Since Kitchen Overlord’s chief minion, Lil Jinni, has successfully infiltrated DefCon for years, it’s no surprise she has the cookies you so desperately covet. Now, you hapless techno weenie, get your mouth ready for a cookie that’s not garbage! In honor of the 20th anniversary of the movie Hackers I decided to make some cookies to celebrate our upcoming movie

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Celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day with some Lazy Gamer’s Spicy Mac and Cheese

Lazy Gamer's Mac and Cheese

On this great day, July 14th, this great nation is united to celebrate the culinary genius-ness of Thomas Jefferson, The staple of every American home, the nutritional gourmet dish of every gamer… National Mac & Cheese day! But this particular day comes to us bitter sweet as we morn the loss of our digital gaming pope, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata,

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