Vampire Week: Santa Carla’s County Fair Winning Roasted Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing like a good old fashion blue ribbon winning cookie recipe to help cheer you up after a long day of vampire hunting. And Santa Carla’s county fair has one of the most amazing recipes I’ve ever tried. Originally submitted by Grandma Frog, these cookies have an amazing new kick to an old recipe. We’ve been aware of some very

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Disney Week: Maleficent’s Evil Surprise Ice-Pops

In honor of Disney giving everyone’s favorite evil queen her own live action adventure, this week Kitchen Overlord is indulging your passion for princesses, musicals, and everyone’s favorite animation studio. We’re kicking things off this Memorial Day with a healthy treat as cold as Maleficent’s icy heart. Maleficent’s Evil Surprise Ice-Pops by Sarah Wright 1 cup black berry, black current

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Gluten Free Geek Week: Sisko’s Creole Kitchen Almond Cake

Star Trek Gluten Free Almond Cake

Joseph Sisko’s Creole Kitchen has a little something for everyone – from Ferengi tube grubs for Nog to a gluten free almond cake based on historic Portuguese recipes for diners of all races who can’t eat wheat. Sisko’s Creole Kitchen Gluten Free Almond Cake (Torta de Santiago) By Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm Originally baked and decorated with a Saint James cross design

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Gluten Free Geek Week: Expelliarmus Glutinous Buckwheat Cake

If Harry Potter taught us anything, it is that when faced with his greatest fear, a wizard will summon his happiest thought and shout, “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” And, let’s face it – if you’re anything like me, it is very likely that your happiest thought involves cake. But what if you happen to be gluten-intolerant? Then your happiest thought and your

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