Lovecraft Week: Tentacle-Tastic Salted Mountain Dew Cupcakes

Mountain Dew Cthulhu Cupcake

Gamers, our new baking minion has heard your cries for more caffeinated, geek-tastic baked goods. She knows you love Mountain Dew, salty snacks, and tentacles. So many tentacles. Therefore, she’s combined the three into a Lovecraftian cupcake that will keep you up all night as you play the darkest levels of your horror games. Lovecraftian Salted Mountain Dew Tentacle Cupcakes

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Minion Monday: We kick off Lovecraft Week with Necro-Om-Nom-Nom-icon Strawberry Cream Cheese Brownies

Kitchen Overlord's Necronomicon Brownies

This week, Kitchen Overlord blows the dust off that ancient leather bound tome, ignores the blood stained warnings on the cover, and tries to remember our high school Latin. We’re kicking off our week of H.P. Lovecraft inspired recipes with an edible Necronomicon. Necronomicon Strawberry Cream Cheese Brownies By Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm A flavor of the law of the dead…. While

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Minion Monday: We Kick off Dune Week with Recipes for Tabara Cake and Spice Tea

This week, we honor accidental messiah’s, masochistic redheads, and giant sandworms. That’s right, it’s time for Kitchen Overlord’s long awaited Dune week. Whether you’re a Frank Herbert purist, a fan of David Lynch’s impractically beautiful vision, or one of the few, the proud, the SyFy interpretation aficionados, we have a week full of recipes that would make you trade your

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Home Made Heroic Conversation Hearts

Welcome Kitchen Overlord’s newest minion, Sarah! Not to be confused with the S.A.R.A.H. made by Global Dynamics or Sarah Jane Smith in London or even Sarah Connor. Instead, we have procured one Sarah Wright, who you may notice has an exotic accent flavored with ample extra vowels. Go ahead. Guess where I found her. For Sarah’s first recipe here in

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Guest Post: Home Made Doritos and Hot Pockets from The Geeky Hostess

Your Kitchen Overlord is responding well to antibiotics, gamma radiation, and a soothing gel masque the minions picked up in Latveria. Meanwhile, minion Tara Theoharis of The Geeky Hostess has taken time off from her ongoing battle against Android Martha Stewart to bring you a guest post. Guest Post by Tara Theoharis Bio: Tara Theoharis is the Geeky Hostess, posting

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Guest Post: Team Fortress 2 Sandvich from Culinary Adventures and More

Look, the armed guards stationed outside the level 5 Biohazard Zone are just for show. This is an entirely voluntary quarantine, all in the name of SCIENCE. I’d never dream of spreading this insanely virulent strain of Whooping Cough to anyone. Except that Alien bastard who mopes in his giant ice fortress. Or that smug time traveler who replaced my

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Guest Post: Klingon Octopus from Food Replicator

Your Kitchen Overlord foolishly tried to transport herself out of the Level 5 Biohazard zone. Luckily, minion Kirsten Wright of Food Replicator was able to scramble her reassembly without actually creating a Riker-like duplicate incident. We think. As a reward for keeping our Overlord and her rather aggressive virus safely contained, we gave her free reign in the kitchen. This

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Guest Post: Cauliflower Brains from The Clothes Make the Girl

Your Kitchen Overlord is currently confined to a Level 5 Biohazard zone. She insists she’s merely infected with a particularly violent flu, but we also saw her reading Greg Bear’s Blood Music just last week. We can’t take any risks. While she’s in isolation, the minions will be running the blog. Today’s Paleo minion is a former Rollergirl and cookbook

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