Happy VD from Kitchen Overlord. I hope you enjoy your nerdy infection.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Minions! I contemplated going old school and celebrating by having you all stoned to death, but the HR department says that’s bad for morale. Then I thought about doing something extra special to your hearts. Sadly, the Harkonnen’s didn’t have enough spare heart plugs to share with everyone. Instead, this Valentine’s Day you’ll have to make do

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Home Made Heroic Conversation Hearts

Welcome Kitchen Overlord’s newest minion, Sarah! Not to be confused with the S.A.R.A.H. made by Global Dynamics or Sarah Jane Smith in London or even Sarah Connor. Instead, we have procured one Sarah Wright, who you may notice has an exotic accent flavored with ample extra vowels. Go ahead. Guess where I found her. For Sarah’s first recipe here in

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Kitchen Overlord has a heart on for you this V-Day, so we made it from Red Velvet and stuffed it with Nutella

Greetings, Minions! Valentine’s Day is coming, so by law, I am required to give you something heart shaped or else the goons at Hallmark will use my dough hook to gouge out my kneecaps. Since the internet loves Nutella almost as much as it does bacon, I’ve conjured a recipe for Nutella (or cinnamon) stuffed heart shaped rolls. If you’re

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