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Ichabod Crane’s Colonial Cider Cake with Bonus Heart Shaped Pan Review

Ichabod Crane's Colonial Cider Cake

Cake has not always been an overly sweet confection topped with a thick and offensive paste of tasteless fat and sugar. Nay, there was a time when civilized people sat down to tea and enjoyed a few scant bites of sweetness to awaken the senses and delight the tongue during the longest part of the afternoon. Take heed and I

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Edible Art: Walking Dead Dandelion Green and Walnut Pesto

KO Walking Dead Pesto Header

A year into the Zombie Apocalypse, all the canned goods will be long since eaten. You’ll have to take matters into your own hands – literally. This week, our illustrated recipe shows you how our favorite band of zombie apocalypse survivors could realistically prepare a tasty marinade for all those squirrels Daryl keeps shooting. It also happens to be incredibly

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You serve bowties now. Bowties are cool.

Whovian Bowtie pull apart rolls

These bowties are particularly good dipped in custard (especially if it’s slightly lumpy from all the fish finger crumbs) or smeared with Nutella. If you’re smart enough to follow the Doctor’s advice and always bring a banana to a party, you can make a dessert sandwich by ripping the bowties in half, smearing them with Nutella, and slapping a chunk

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Cyberman Pull-Apart Bread Will Delete Your Hunger

Kitchen Overlord - Vegan Cyberman Pull Apart Bread

I was promised the eternal love of a 10 year old boy if I would pretty please make some Cyberman Fougasse. I don’t know how many of you have tried buying a child groom on the open market recently, but a couple hours in the kitchen with goggles, yeast, and a can of edible spray paint has to be a

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Scottish Flapjacks – Or The Only Reason You Still Subscribe to Graze

Scottish Flapjacks

Until I subscribed to Graze, I thought Flapjacks were a quaint 24 hour diner name for pancakes. All my UK readers are no doubt giggling at my naivety, for they know that Flapjacks are, in fact, the delicious ancestor of modern craptastic granola bars. Here in the states, we’ve managed to convince ourselves that something with the same sugar and

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