Faux Fish Finger Vanilla Wafer Sticks

You’ve all tossed a box of lukewarm fish fingers on the table alongside some vanilla custard in the name of authenticity, but there are only so many trays of uneaten sacrificial fish you can throw away before the novelty wears off. A lot of folks have quietly taken to substituting the fish fingers with something people actually want to eat

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Cookie Week: That’s no moon! It’s a Death Star Oreo!

This holiday season, deck the halls with the blood of fallen minions! These Death Star Oreos are stuffed with filling as white as a Stormtrooper’s armor, lightly laced with a blood red peppermint stripe. If you’ve never made custom Oreos before you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to add them to your holiday cookie rotation. There is no try – only do!

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Cookie Week: Hobbit Hole Door Sandwich Cookies

This holiday season, Kitchen Overlord brings you a collection of nerdy cookies for people who can’t draw. If the idea of creating mini artistic masterpieces in icing makes your hands tremble, we’ve got Hobbit Hole Doors, Exploding TARDISes, Deadpool Freezer Cookies, Sherlock shortbread teabags, edible Ood heads, and Death Star Oreos. No icing pens or art degrees required!

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Cookie Week: Create Your Own Red-Eye Free Ood Cookie Servants

Kitchen Overlord Ood Cookies Square

Here on the Ood Sphere, we believe every human should have their own Ood. Not just every adult, but every human. After all, who deserves the love, care, and fastidiousness of an Ood more than your child? Celebrate a new Ood joining your family with a plate full of these cheerful Ood cookies. Ood Cookies Heads: 1 cup (2 sticks)

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Make Your Hobbit Hole Smell Like Christmas with Small Adventure Sized Mincemeat Pies

Kitchen Overlord Hobbit Week - Small Adventure Mincemeat Pies

If you enjoy the hundreds of free recipes here at Kitchen Overlord, help me keep the lights on by picking up a cookbook or two. As a historian who grew up reading Tolkien, An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unofficial Book of Hobbit Cookery is one of my favorites.  (You know you’re a hardcore nerd when you’re super excited about using international

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Na-Na Na-Na Na-Na Na-Na BAT FLAN!

As a good butler, it’s your job to clean the blood out of Master Wayne’s suits, acquire NDA paperwork from any ladies you find sleepily prowling the mansion each morning, and create a nigh infinite quantity of bat shaped everyday objects for the master’s amusement. It’s nice to pretend Master Wayne is merely obsessed with a particular geometric pattern and

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Hacker’s 20th Anniversary Stoll House Cookies

We cant talk about hackers without giving a nod to one of the greatest true-story hacker stories ever penned!!!  Cliff Stoll was ever so gracious to include his amazing cookie recipe in his book, The Cuckoo’s Egg. You can find his Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe per the foot notes on page 155 of The Cuckoo’s Egg. [ed note: Back in

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Hackers 20th Anniversary Cookies

Since Kitchen Overlord’s chief minion, Lil Jinni, has successfully infiltrated DefCon for years, it’s no surprise she has the cookies you so desperately covet. Now, you hapless techno weenie, get your mouth ready for a cookie that’s not garbage! In honor of the 20th anniversary of the movie Hackers I decided to make some cookies to celebrate our upcoming movie

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Jurassic World Dinosaur Tracking Medallion Cookies

Whoo hoo! The weekend is coming! That can only mean one thing. It’s time to lose your children and elderly relatives on a highly experimental, ethically dubious island paradise full of bloodthirsty monsters genetically engineered to look like scientifically inaccurate retro 1980’s vision of dinosaurs! After all, if the kids have an “accident,” you’ll either get an incredible survivor’s payout

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