Geek Cake Friday: 12 Delicious Doctor Who Aliens

While you’re waiting for your super easy Wibbly Wobbly Blue Curacao Cake to bake in one of the nifty silicone TARDIS cake molds, stare enviously at these gorgeous yet time consuming fondant creations depicting all your favorite Doctor Who aliens. Eat the Evidence walks you through a step by step guide to adding more delicious fat to your diet. And

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White Chocolate Cyberman Heads

Doctor Who - White Chocolate Cyberman Heads

The first time I realized a white chocolate dipped strawberry looks like a Cybeman’s head, I giggled like the voices that whisper messages via my dental fillings had just given me next week’s lottery numbers. Those simplified faces make this a delightfully easy, instantly recognizable dessert. Making your own is also a heck of a lot cheaper than buying chocolate

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11 Recipes for 11 Doctors: Cyberman Ghosts

Cyberman Ghosts We all know that inside every Cyberman is the brain of a once living human being. Likewise, these sushi balls are stuffed with something deliciously red and bloody 2 cups/270 g sushi rice 2 tbsp/30 ml sweetened sushi rice vinegar (available in the same aisle as the rice) 2 sheets nori 6 oz/170 g sushi grade tuna 4

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