Geek Cake Friday: 9 Disney-Tastic Once Upon A Time Cakes

Much like the non-BBC Sherlock Homes cakes, Once Upon A Time fans literally want to eat their words. Or eat Henry’s words. Wait, who actually wrote the book of fairytales he carries around? Maybe they’re eating Regina’s words or Rumple’s words. The only thing you can be sure about is this show’s fans really like book shaped cakes. Look at

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Princess Bride Week: Iocaine Powder French Toast with Six Fingered Sausage

Princess Bride Iocaine Powdered French Toast

It doesn’t take a dizzying intellect to know a good breakfast when you see it. A traditional dish from the Guilder Frontier; these toasts are stuffed with an amazing blend of cream cheese, cinnamon, and Cointreau liqueur. Each slice is large enough to feed the brute squad but delicate enough for a princess to consume! Princess Bride – Iocaine Powder

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Game of Thrones Week: Lemon Pork and Spiced Rice Stuffed Peppers

The minions have seized control of lair this week! While your Kitchen Overlord is in the Pacific Northwest, taking notes on how to build a truly irresistible life sized gingerbread cottage, minion Sarah Wright slaved away to create you an entire Dornish meal just in time for the return of Game of Thrones. By Sarah Wright Main Course: Lemon Pork

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Game of Thrones Week: Chase Your Dornish Spicy Eggplant Dip With A Martel Sunrise

Game of Thrones returns this Sunday, but your Kitchen Overlord won’t be back in her lair for another week. Therefore, this week’s recipes come to you courtesy of our minion Sarah Wright, who has created an entire Dornish meal for your enjoyment. By Sarah Wright Dorne, home of house Martell, is in the southern most corner of Westeros. It provides

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