Guest Post: Food Replicator’s Zoth Nut Soup

star trek zoth nut soup via Food Replicator

In honor of two Star Trek: Voyager actors who are currently crowdfunding movies, I asked the ever awesome Food Replicator to share one of their amazing recipes based on the show. Check out the Kickstarter for “Resilient,” starring Robert Beltran, who played Chakotay in Star Trek: Voyager and the IndieGoGo campaign for “An Untitled Motion Picture About A Space Traveler

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Guest Post: Klingon Octopus from Food Replicator

Your Kitchen Overlord foolishly tried to transport herself out of the Level 5 Biohazard zone. Luckily, minion Kirsten Wright of Food Replicator was able to scramble her reassembly without actually creating a Riker-like duplicate incident. We think. As a reward for keeping our Overlord and her rather aggressive virus safely contained, we gave her free reign in the kitchen. This

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Food Replicator Boldly Goes Where No Kitchen Has Gone Before

I’m in love. If you haven’t been to Food Replicator yet, you’re missing out on life. Specifically, you’re missing out on life in a future full of gingerbread communicators, Bajoran Hasperat, and plenty of Klingon organ meats and tentacles. The people behind this page clearly love every iteration of Star Trek. You’ll find recipes from Classic Trek, Voyager, Deep Space

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