Starfleet Insignia Stuffed with Vulcan Vegan Keema

Since our logical Vulcan friends are well known as both vegetarians and adventurous eaters, I made this Vulcan Vegan Keema in their honor. Then, I ruined the vegan-ness it by putting it in puff pastry, because humans are horribly inconsistent. If you want to keep this Star Trek homage entirely vegan, VeganBaking.Net has a great recipe for a totally vegan

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Iron Man Arc Reactor Sweet Rolls

Avengers! You have one heck of a task ahead of you if you really want to assemble these heroically tasty rolls. You’re essentially making two different flavors of cinnamon(esque) rolls plus two different icings, then topping them off with a tasty slice of fried banana. Since they’re honestly a bit of a pain to make, consider doubling the recipe so

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