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Deadpool Mask Cookies

Kitchen Overlord's Deadpool Cookies

I’m not saying these cookies were commissioned by Wolverine, but whoever makes them will happen to have an excuse to slice Deadpool’s face into ribbons over and over again without him once snarking about your cutting technique. Much like the Merc with a Mouth himself, these cookies are a pain in the ass that makes you laugh. The bad news

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7 Tasty Ways To Level Up Your Next Catan Night

Kitchen Overlord's Easy Settlers of Catan Cake with Meeples Geeky Sprinkles

These days, you can nerd up your dining room with everything from a Sonic Screwdriver cutlery set to Death Star chip and dip bowls. The next time you invite folks over for to spend a few quality hours ending lifelong friendships by playing Settlers of Catan, decorate your table with something more than a chunk of firewood and a leg of lamb.

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11 Nerdy Recipes You Can Make From Pantry Staples

Bad Wolf Cheeze-Its

Much like a plucky band of apocalypse survivors, you and your housemates are snowed in with a limited amount of food. You’ll either have to get creative with whatever you have on hand or actually talk to your neighbors to ask for/loot additional supplies. Before things get THAT dire, I’ve rounded up 10 nerdy recipes you can make from 10

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