Hobbit Week: Hot Buttered Shire Scones

Kitchen Overlord Hobbit Week - Hot Buttered Shire Scones

Forget those crunchy triangles you find at Starbucks. The Victorian scones of Tolkien’s day were far more like southern style American biscuits. Like American biscuits, these are best served hot and buttered. Unlike their modern counterparts, they’re served at teatime, around 4 p.m., with clotted cream or home made raspberry jam. The creamy interior bears little resemblance to the brick-like

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Edible Art: Martha Washington’s Revolutionary Rum Punch

People think of the founding fathers as being stiff necked and straight laced, but the truth is they could party harder than frat boys on spring break. The legend of Martha Washington’s Rum Punch* was once even more widely known than the legend of Sleepy Hollow. Show your favorite modern Lieutenant how to party like it’s 1779 with a cup

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Hobbit Week: Shire Seed Cake

Kitchen Overlord Hobbit Week - Shire Seed Cake Recipe

Many modern readers imagine seed cake to be chock full of sunflower or pumpkin seeds, but it turns out Tolkien grew up on a decadently buttery version of pound cake full of caraway seeds. They have a sweet, licorice flavor reminiscent of a milder, earthier version of anise seeds. You can find them at most Indian groceries. They’ve been out

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Recipe Countdown: Shakesperean Shooter Sandwich

This week, we continue our countdown to Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary. If you’re lined up outside a cold theater waiting for the 3D special, you might want to fight off hunger with a historically Whovain snack that harkens back to what the groundlings would’ve eaten at the Globe Theater. This recipe is inspired by Series 3, Episode 3, “The Shakespeare

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11 Recipes for 11 Doctors: Shakespearean Shooter Sandwich

Shakespearean Shooter Sandwich That beard. That swagger. Oh, Shakespeare. You’ve never been so sexy. If you slipped into the Tardis for Martha’s first journey back in time, you could not only enjoy the only production of Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Won,” but also a hearty slice of what would later be called a Shooter’s Sandwich. It’s a sort of cheap cheater’s

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