Bitchin’ Bread Battle Day 14: Nutella or Cinnamon Roll Hearts

Today is Valentine’s Day, so by law, I am required to make a “romantic” post or else the goons at Hallmark will use my dough hook to gouge out my kneecaps. Therefore, you’re getting some pretty easy Nutella or cinnamon stuffed heart shaped rolls. Since I’m single, and will therefore be eating these by myself at 2 in the morning

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Dominate Your Walking Dead Viewing Party With Citrus Ginger Roasted Beets

Just looking at that makes my mouth water. I’m overcome by the gloriously red flesh, the hints of muscular texture, and the overwhelming feeling that my neighbors might taste better with a nice citrus-ginger glaze. Wait. No. I mustn’t think that way. These feelings aren’t real. I’m a person, not a monster. I can’t be craving human flesh. Oh, wait.

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