7 Tasty Ways To Level Up Your Next Catan Night

These days, you can nerd up your dining room with everything from a Sonic Screwdriver cutlery set to Death Star chip and dip bowls. The next time you invite folks over for to spend a few quality hours ending lifelong friendships by playing Settlers of Catan, decorate your table with something more than a chunk of firewood and a leg of lamb.

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Catan-Tastic Complete Friendsgiving Recipe Plan

Wood for Sheep: The Settlers of Catan Cookbook - Thanksgiving Board

If you’re hosting your first Friendsgiving, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Whether your guests are students enjoying their first American Thanksgiving or friends who can’t make it home to their families, you can still present them with an impressive, traditional meal while also keeping it casual. I’ve simplified these recipes with the goal of helping

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Make a Settlers of Catan Cake Faster Than You Can Play The Game

It’s no surprise I freaking love Settlers of Catan. Heck, I wrote a whole cookbook around the game. But let’s be honest – sometimes, even Overlords have lazy days.  Whoever’s in charge of cranking out a gazillion new silicone cake molds every week made my life a hell of a lot easier when they caught onto the fact that if

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Catan Cookbook Recipe Roundup for NPR, HuffPo, and OutReach Librarian Visitors

Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook Cover

Welcome to the Kitchen Overlord lair, visitors from NPR’s The Salt, The Huffington Post and The Outreach Librarian! I can see you’re the kind of quality people who click links to check out original sources and who just might need an assortment of geektastic cookbooks in your life. We’ve been waiting for you. Most of you were lured here with

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Geek Cake Friday: Top 10 Settlers of Catan Cakes

I’m not the only person who loves Settlers of Catan enough to turn a boardgame obsession into party food. Check out these gorgeous Settlers of Catan cakes. When Geeks Wed featured this amazing Settlers of Catan themed wedding cake. A gentleman gets in on the action with a Settlers of Catan groom’s cake from For Goodness Cakes (with plenty more

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Settlers of the Noms: Personalized Nacho Board

There are nearly 200 recipes in Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook, but this is my favorite of the easy edible boards. If you’re barely comfortable in that room with the hot box, the cold box, and the sharp objects, you can still host a kick ass game night that’ll impress all your friends, because this barely requires any

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