Enjoying Starfleet Academy’s Horta Meatloaf (Probably) Doesn’t Count as Cannibalism

Yesterday we taunted you with a Vulcan Vegetarian dish suspiciously propped against what looked like a Horta. Today, we reveal that our labs have deconstructed the silicon based lifeform of Janus VI and reconstructed it in a delicious, organic form you can serve your entire family. Some people protested that our techniques skirt Federation Regulations against eating sentient creatures. Luckily,

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Starfleet Insignia Stuffed with Vulcan Vegan Keema

Since our logical Vulcan friends are well known as both vegetarians and adventurous eaters, I made this Vulcan Vegan Keema in their honor. Then, I ruined the vegan-ness it by putting it in puff pastry, because humans are horribly inconsistent. If you want to keep this Star Trek homage entirely vegan, VeganBaking.Net has a great recipe for a totally vegan

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Star Trek Week: Klingon Blood Orange Pull Apart Bread

We’re not all Federation-lovers at Kitchen Overlord. Some of us follow a warrior’s path. While fresh Gagh and your Earthican live calamari are a good start, the mighty Klingon empire also deserves tribute in the form of delicious food! These blood orange pull apart breads taste almost as sweet as victory itself. Klingon Blood Orange Pull Apart Rolls Bread: 4

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Star Trek Week: Captain Picard’s Earl Grey Tea-rimisu

Since our Overlord is still at South by Southwest, you get two days in a row of Minion-tastic recipes. She’ll be back tomorrow with her greatest prize, ears she skinned off a Ferengi. Or maybe just a tasty symbollic version. It depends on how many sheets of gold pressed latinum he wants for her latest invention. Captain Picard’s Earl Grey

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Guest Post: Food Replicator’s Zoth Nut Soup

star trek zoth nut soup via Food Replicator

In honor of two Star Trek: Voyager actors who are currently crowdfunding movies, I asked the ever awesome Food Replicator to share one of their amazing recipes based on the show. Check out the Kickstarter for “Resilient,” starring Robert Beltran, who played Chakotay in Star Trek: Voyager and the IndieGoGo campaign for “An Untitled Motion Picture About A Space Traveler

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Minion Monday: Star Trek Icoberry Torte (Lemon Blueberry Brownie)

A popular dish out on Deep Space 9; The icoberry is a dark blue fruit used in many stellar desserts and drinks. But the icoberry torte was Captain Sisko’s favorite “coffee date” dish and often enjoyed it with a delicious mug of Raktajino. This lemony dish of awesome will have your taste buds doing a Kolvoord Starburst!! Click here for

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Star Trek Week: Starfleet Hamantaschen

In celebration of both the Jewish holiday of Purim and Kitchen Overlord’s Star Trek week, we’re boldly going where no adventurous chef has gone before. One taste and you’ll want to take these traditional, jam stuffed sugar cookies on a five year mission straight to your belly. Starfleet Hamantaschen 2 cups flour 1 cup room temperature butter ¾ cup sugar

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Star Trek Week Preview With Bonus Poster Giveaway!

OutNerdMe Star Trek Poster

While your Kitchen Overlord sneaks out of the lair to infiltrate South by Southwest, the minions have decided to harness our collective powers for good. What kind of good, you may ask? The kind of good that results in awesome movies with familiar Star Trek actors. PIMPING First, check out the Kickstarter for “Resilient,” starring Robert Beltran, who played Chakotay

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