Pumpkin Week: Thanksgiving Meal in a Bun (Another Overly Complicated use for Holiday Leftovers)

Complete turkey dinner in a pumpkin bun

I love my Pumpkin Pie Bao dough so much I wondered if I could use it for other, more nefarious purposes. Yes, I’m talking about the evil that is overly complicated Thanksgiving leftovers recipes. We all know Thanksgiving leftovers should be simple affairs of cold sandwiches and turkey soup. Instead, those of us who loathe Black Friday like to use

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1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls

When you need energy to make it through the mushroom kingdom on you way to rescue Princess Peach (again), level up your game with these 1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls. 1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls 1 can refrigerated biscuits 1 cup mushrooms, diced ½ cup onions, diced 2 tbsp butter 1 tbsp Italian Seasoning 20 slices pepperoni 5 slices mozzarella cheese ½

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Bitchin Bread Battle Day 18: Woodbury Bleeding Zombie Victim Loaf

In honor of our fine mayor’s special sense of humor, you’ve been asked to make an atmospheric bread to share during our next Entertainment. Stop crying. You can do this. Bleeding Zombie Victim Loaf 4 ½ – 5 cups flour 1 tbsp yeast ½ cup sugar ½ cup warm water ½ cup fresh blood orange juice 1 fresh tsp blood

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