DINING WITH THE DOCTOR: REGENERATED Kickstarter launches in 3 days!

MOISTURIZE ME! I’m feeling stretched thin now that there are only THREE more days until DINING WITH THE DOCTOR: REGENERATED’s Kickstarter Launch on April 27! Luckily, getting Tom Gordon’s amazing header art has energized invigorated regenerated my energy! So much so, I had to reward you all with a preview of his fantastic header art. The revised & expanded 2nd

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13 Whovian Recipes You Can Make For Under $13 in Celebration of the 13th Doctor

Okay, according to Moffatt, Capaldi is actually the 12th Doctor, but I’m not about to leave John Hurt’s amazing War Doctor out of any lineup. Therefore, in honor of the 13th Doctor’s return to television, I present you with 13 Whovian recipes you can make for under $13. 1) White Chocolate Cyberman Heads If a tray of fish fingers and

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