Deadpool Week: Merc with a Mouth Sweet Rolls

Deadpool Belt Buckle Sweet Rolls by Kitchen Overlord

This edible tribute to the Merc with a Mouth will be as big a pain in your side as Deadpool is to Wolverine’s but one look at those scowling little faces and somewhere deep inside you’ll know it’s worth it. Or maybe you’ll want a chimichanga. They’re a lot easier to make, and come with the added bonus of not staring at you while you cook.

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Marvel Week: Scott Summers Optic Blasted Bread

Scott Summers Cylops White Bread Recipe

Be honest. Is there anything more white bread than Scott Summers? We can make that a literal reality, but it’ll take a lot of repetitive, dull work. Scott would love it. Before we get started making an homage to the big blue boyscout, let’s talk about superheroes. Using nothing but red, blue, and yellow, you can make a heck of

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