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Iron Man Cocktail

Kitchen Overlord Iron Man Cocktail

Iron Man Cocktail

1 shot Pama Pomegranate liqueur
½ shot Cointreau or orange liqueur
pink sparkling wine
yellow rimming sugar

Here at Kitchen Overlord, we’re kicking off Iron Man Appreciation Week with a stiff drink.

To make this seductively good cocktail, start by pouring some water in a saucer or wide bowl. Dip the rim of your lowball glass in the water.

Now spread your coarse rimming sugar on another plate. (If you don’t have rimming sugar, mix ¼ cup of sugar with ½ tsp of yellow food coloring. Use your fingers to really mix it in there. The sugar will soak up the dye quickly. You can spread it in a saucer immediately.) Dip your moistened glass into the sugar. Go ahead and grind it a little to make sure the entire rim is nicely coated.

Next, add a handful of ice cubes to a shaker. Follow them up with the Pama and Cointreau. Give it a healthy shake, then strain the contents into your glass. Top the glass off with pink sparkling wine.

Serve it to the rest of your billionaire, philanthropist, scientist friends. Wait, there aren’t any? Well, more for you.

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