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Dollar Store Drinks Episode 3: Pineapple Fizz

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Impoverished alcoholics, frat boys, and human fois gras ranchers rejoice! We’re back with a new episode of Dollar Store Drinks!

This week your Kitchen Overlord combines cheap rum with dollar store mango nectar (70% juice!), guava juice (50% juice!), and dollar store pineapple “soda” (0% soda!) to create a surprisingly drinkable Pineapple Fizz. If you don’t tell people where you got the ingredients, this is actually an incredibly refreshing, light summer drink with enough vitamin C to help you fight off the inevitable infection you’ll acquire from dubious makeout decisions. If you do tell people where you got the mixers, it becomes instant hipster bait.

If you already have a bottle of rum, you can mix up about 30 of these cocktails for $4. If you don’t mind running out of garnishes, you can make closer to 50. You’re welcome.

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