Month: August 2013

Recipes and Tasty Goodness

Settlement (of Catan) Salad

I know, my minions. You’re hurting for more geeky recipes. As much as I occasionally enjoy your pain (keep those YouTube videos coming), today I hear your pleas and release unto you what is, quite frankly, one of the least inspiring recipes in the upcoming book Wood for Sheep: The […]

Dining With The Doctor

The 12th Doctor is Peter Capaldi

Say hello to Peter Capaldi. I was expecting an older doctor this time around, but I wasn’t expecting one we’d already seen on both Doctor Who and Torchwood. I enjoy a good game of spot-the-Whovian-actor whenever I’m watching Merlin/Game of Thrones/Downton Abbey/anything else on BBCA, but this feels a touch […]

Found on the Web

Dr. Seusshi

One fish, two fish, red fish, oh my god who genetically engineered cats with hands? Those monsters are total murdering psychopaths! Via TShirtBordello, which also has a horde of other clever t-shirts for food geeks.

Found on the Web

More Reasons to Kneel Before Zod

There are limited career options for former Phantom Zone inmates. Here at the Kitchen Overlord lair, we had our remodeling done by Zod. I was impressed how well his construction team worked while on their knees. In between paying gigs, he keeps himself occupied sewing manly yet flowing blouses and […]