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Adorkably Eggs-Stir-Min-8 Your Dalek Cravings

Lakeland Dalek Cake Stand

Shut up and take my money, Lakeland. Moffat may not be giving us the real 50th Anniversary Extravaganza we deserve (a single two hour special, the Christmas special, then NOTHING until next August? For shame, sir!) But that isn’t stopping fan celebrations. Above, you behold the wonder of a Dalek shaped cupcake stand. If you have tiny ramekins, you can make it a Dalek shaped souffle stand, because sometimes the world is awesome.

The same company clearly wants all your fan dollars (or pounds, since they’re in the UK) because they have an entire line of products to help you tart up the offerings on your Dalek Cupcake stand. Fill your Dalek stand with confections wrapped in Dalek Cupcake Wraps and Toppers to create a Matrix-like series of Daleks within Daleks (within your belly.)

If you prefer something more subtle, you can pick up a dusting set with a TARDIS, Dalek, Cyberman, and Weeping Angel.

Or, if you want to go to the opposite extreme, pick up their Dalek Cake Mold, which, if you replace the arms with big white gloves and give it a face, can also double for a Steampunk Micky Mouse.

While I’m busy pimping other people’s hard work, go check out adorable photos of this awesome vegan Dalek Souffle from Cadry’s Kitchen or make your own creamy, eggy concoction using this recipe from xoxbubbles.


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