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Free Catansgiving Printables

catansgiving sign

Swashbucklers have Talk Like A Pirate Day. Star Wars Geeks have May the Fourth. It’s time gamers had their very own made up internet holiday.

I give unto you Catansgiving.

It’s easy. It’s fun. Most of all, it’s an excuse to play Settlers of Catan.

My friends and I celebrated by enjoying a big meal in the shadow of our Catan Tree. Kids got to snack on our sugary plate of Catan Territory Sweets. While the cooks were in the kitchen, both eager kids and drunk adults colored blank Catan hexes and cut our our pre-made ones for ornaments.

To kick off your own Catansgiving celebration, all you need is:

  • A Catan Tree with a Robber Tree Topper
  • A Catan Plate Made of Sweets
  • Catan Ornaments to Decorate Your Tree and Home
  • Catan Crowns for the Kids
  • A Big Catan Meal (Check out the cookbook Wood for Sheep for inspiration)
  • A copy of Settlers of Catan

If you’re feeling really ambitious, while the cooks are in the kitchen, have the kids and/or drunk adults color enough hexes to make an entire Settlers of Catan board. Tape it all together so that after dinner you can fish all the meeples and pieces out of your Settlers of Catan box and play a game on your home made board. If someone in your family just had a baby, adopted a child, or got married, celebrate by making both a board and an expansion pack to welcome the new member of your clan. When it’s time to clean up, you can always mount the home made board on your wall or fridge as family art.

Here’s a preview of all our printables. You can find the full page PDF’s at the bottom of this post.

hex ornaments 1

hex ornaments 2

Catansgiving Ornaments

robber tree topper

robber tree topper 2

Catansgiving Tree 01

blank mini hexeshex crown 1hex crown 2

Printable Full Page PDF’s

Printable Blank Mini Hexes
Printable Happy Catansgiving Sign
Printable Hex Crowns
Printable Hex Ornaments
Printable Robber Tree Topper

To see it all in action, check out these photos from my first Catansgiving celebration with friends.