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Geek Cake Friday: Top 12 Walking Dead Cakes

WD 03 Artisan Cake Company via imgur

There’s no way to bite into this incredible work of cake art from The Artisan Cake Company without feeling like a cannibal. Embrace your inner zombie while fighting off this ‘roided up walker. If you don’t bite directly into the cake, you’re doing it wrong.

Like so many good things in life, BoingBoing introduced me to Sweets to the Sweet’s tasty homage to the very first episode of The Walking Dead. You think waking up in a hospital is bad, Rick? Life gets worse. So much worse.

Nothing quite says Fancy Theme Party like a mobile home cake. Actually, I take that back. Anything looks sexy when you add Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee. I’ll have another slice of beefcake with my dessert, please.

Speaking of Daryl Dixon, Black Cherry Cake Company knows that a real man isn’t afraid of wearing a zombie ear necklace.

Meaghan Dorsey understands the need to fight for what you believe in. In her case, she believes in cake competitions and The Walking Dead. I approve.

The very lucky Maury celebrated his 30th anniversary of not being consumed by walkers with this zombie-tastic cake from I Love Chrissy Cakes.

Little Miss OC’s Kitchen brought us the two most deliciously iconic scenes from season one with the warning door and the half zombie chick dragging herself towards Rick’s ankles. Keep fighting, grass walker. When someone finally stops mowing the lawns in post-apocalyptic Georgia, you’ll be a stealthy ankle biting machine.

You may not be anyone’s bitch, Daryl, but a casual googling reveals oh so many women want to be yours.

Nothing says home made cake quite like spaghetti on the frosting. Keep it classy, zombie apocalypse.

The zombie apocalypse comes for everyone – even paleo, gluten-free vegans. Don’t worry. Once you’re undead, you won’t have any more trouble sticking to that carb-free diet.

The folks at Love Your Cake clearly love the Walking Dead comics.

Finally, Hello Daryl. We all know you’re adorable, but there’s something about your kittified face and string of recently slaughtered squirrels that makes otherwise sane people want to eat you live. Maybe that’s the zombie virus kicking in. Probably not.

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