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Week 1 – Geeky Stocking Stuffers Facebook Contest

Kitchen Overlord’s first Geektastic Stocking Stuffer contest is still ongoing. There are only a handful of entries so far, so your odds are good. This one runs through midnight Wednesday, December 4th. I’ll announce the winner plus a whole new contest on Thursday morning.

Just like loving you, winning is easy.

For the next three Thursdays, I’m throwing you all in the Thunderdome of social media to fight for one of these three geektastic prize boxes.


  • Like Kitchen Overlord’s shiny new Facebook Page.
  • Post your favorite Kitchen Overlord Recipe on the new Facebook Page. Feel free to suck up by telling me why you like it so much.

That’s it. I’ll put all the entries in a randomizer and let your future robot overlord pick one of you to win a box full of geeky stocking stuffers. There’ll be a new contest each Thursday with all new rules, so don’t worry if you’re not on Facebook.

Check out the goodies below. You get to pick which geeky stocking you want. The second week’s winner will pick from the two remaining. The third week gets whichever one is left. That’s okay, though, because they’re all pretty decent.

If you’re not interested in getting stuffed, don’t forget Kitchen Overlord also has plenty of signed books and limited edition Illustrated Geek Recipe posters for sale.

Kitchen Overlord Stocking Stuffer Contest - TV and Movies

TV and Movies Stocking Stuffers

  • Star Wars: The Dark Side T-Shirt (Size Larage)
  • Star Wars C-3PO Earbud Headpones
  • Star Wars Ground Assault Card Deck
  • Star Trek Movies Spock Action Figure
  • South Park Butters Speaker
  • Ren and Stimpy – Talking Stimpy Plush
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Figure
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coaster
  • Simpsons Mini Figure
  • Adventure Time Trivia Game
  • Family Guy Stewie Lip Balm
  • Assorted Stickers

Kitchen Overlord Stocking Stuffer Contest - Gaming

Gaming Stocking Stuffers

  • Video Game High School DVD Season 1
  • Video Game High School Assorted Buttons
  • Portal 2 Sentry Turret
  • Portal 2 Aperture Labs Lanyard
  • Portal 2 Aperture Labs Rubber Wristband
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Car Freshener
  • Keep Calm and Hammer On String Bag
  • Side Quest T-Shirt (Large)
  • Iron Gaming T-Shirt (Large)
  • Iron Gaming Sweat Towel
  • Iron Gaming Rubber Wristband
  • Assorted Stickers

Kitchen Overlord Stocking Stuffer Contest - Comics

Comics Stocking Stuffers

  • Batman Wallet
  • Spawn Figure
  • Mystery DC Figure
  • 40 Years of X-Men DVD
  • Runaways Graphic Novel
  • Superman vs Zod Graphic Novel
  • San Diego Comic Con Special Edition Mad Magazine
  • Iron Man Pez Dispenser
  • Iron Man Figure
  • Deadpool Eraser
  • Joker and Green Arrow Assembleable Mini Figurines
  • Assorted Candy and Stickers