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Kitchen Overlord Stuffs Your Geeky Stocking Week Two: Twitter Bugaloo

Kitchen Overlord Stocking Stuffer Contest - TV and Movies

I see you when you’re sleeping. I know when you’re awake. No, I’m not the world’s most beloved red clad stalker. I just tapped into the NSA’s database. You’ve all been very naughty.

I know you have stockings to fill. Luckily, still have two more stocking stuffer packages to give away. The Randomizatron picked Jackie and her love of our PalmiEARS as the winner of last week’s Facebook contest. Yes, Jackie, random heartless robots agree that human ears are delicious. As her reward, she picked the Comic Book themed stocking.

Meanwhile, you still have a chance to win one of the two remaining geeky boxes of stocking stuffers!


That’s it. I’ll put all the entries in a randomizer and let your future robot overlord pick one of you to win a box full of geeky stocking stuffers. There’ll be a new contest next Thursday with all new rules, so don’t worry if you’re not on Twitter.

Check out the goodies below. Once our Week One winner picks her prezzies, you get to pick which of the remaining geeky stockings you want.

If you’re not interested in getting stuffed, don’t forget Kitchen Overlord also has plenty of signed books and limited edition Illustrated Geek Recipe posters for sale.

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