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FBI Files: The Geeky Hostess Interview


Greetings, minions! Your Kitchen Overlord has decided to share her nefarious dossier on certain chefs of interest. These records are called the Food Blogger Interviews, or FBI Files for short. You can peek inside these confidential records every Thursday.

Today I’m sharing my findings on The Geeky Hostess. She’s on a quest to make your cupcakes infinitely more geektastic via her shiny new Kickstarter for Geeky Sprinkles. I look forward to decorating my lair in little lightning bolts, blue police boxes, and brass gears. Heathens who don’t appreciate cupcakes should still visit The Geeky Hostess just to behold the crazy things she does with gamer staples like Doritos. She’ll change the way you look at gamer chow.

While I have you trapped in my lair, tell me about your geekiest recipe.

My geekiest recipe would have to be Troy’s Casserole from Community.  It was pretty disgusting to make, but I do what I have to do for my craft. As soon as I heard him describe his casserole, “Bagel Bites in a deconstructed Hot Pocket reduction with a Doritos glaze,” I knew I needed to make it a reality.

A lot of people make one item from a favorite show, but few can keep it up week after week. What inspired you to start a food blog?

I wanted an excuse to learn more. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, but didn’t know much about it when I started the blog and wanted to encourage myself to get better. It’s weird–I’ve become “known” for my geeky parties and baking, but I still feel like a beginner! I love getting to grow and stretch myself everyday.

What cuisine, technique, or trend has had the biggest impact on your cooking?

Surprisingly, cupcakes have become my specialty. I love sweets and just started making them over and over. I’m still growing in my cupcake skills, but I’ve become known as the “cupcake girl” around the Seattle Geek scene and even made cupcakes for a wedding this past Fall!

What food trend makes your roll your eyeballs so hard so can actually look at your own brain?

People are going to hate me, but bacon. Yes, bacon is delicious. Yes, it was fun and novel to put it in different things and incorporate it into desserts (I even topped a cupcake with bacon once). But when people are really wanting some salt with their sweet, the taste of pork just isn’t cutting it for me.

I completely agree. Bacon is the first resort of the lazy. When it comes to developing more interesting flavors, do you prefer slow food or molecular gastronomy? Defend your answer.

Although I don’t think it’s a practical option for every day, I think molecular gastronomy is really fun. The idea of incorporating more science into food prep is great, and experiencing food in forms you’re not expecting is an easy way to delight guests. I’ve tried a few different molecular gastronomy recipes–they’re a lot of work and don’t always turn out, but it’s always a good experience!

What dish do you make/bake that impresses you the most – the one that makes you step back and say, “Damn, I’m good!”

My buttercream frosting. I mean, it’s not hard to impress when you’re handing someone a pile of butter and sugar. But still–it’s delicious. I’m guilty of always “sampling” large amounts of it when I make cupcakes.

How do you feel about 3D Food Printers or other technologies bringing us closer to a Star Trek Replicator future?

I’m so excited about the future of food! 3D Printers open up a lot of opportunities for decorative foods and candies that will make parties a lot more fun. I can’t wait to see all of the possibilities.

Sure, on some level they’re all your babies, but what’s your single favorite kitchen tool?

I feel like saying my KitchenAid Mixer is cheating somehow, so I won’t say that. Since I started using large pastry tips for frosting, it’s changed my whole way of decorating. It’s not something I use every day, but when I do, I absolutely love them!

What fictional food do you wish was real?

I’ve always wanted to recreate the supper scene from Hook–but with real food. It’s still a goal of mine this year. I’m just not sure how to make sherbet and whipped cream taste like a hamburger.

If you had to fight a celebrity chef in our Thunderdome, who would you pick and what would be your preferred weapon?

Rachael Ray. She’s probably pretty scrappy, but I’ve got 7″ on her. Weapon of choice for both parties: EVOO.

Tell my minions about your latest project.

I’m currently running a Kickstarter for Geeky Sprinkles. If you love baking and want some new fun sprinkle shapes, you’ve gotta check it out! We’ve got stuff for steampunk fans, comic fans, Harry Potter fans, and Doctor Who fans. I’m so excited to take my love of baking (and sprinkles) and turn it into tangible goods!

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