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Sherlock Sunday

Sherlock Series 3

Cakes! Cookies! Kedgeree?

This Sunday, UK readers are suffering from Sherlock Sadness, the mourning one feels when you’ve just seen the last new episode of Sherlock for years to come. Over in the United States, though, fans are tuning into PBS for the first time since their Sesame Street days in order to get their fix.

While you wait impatiently for your Downton Abbey appetizer followed by a healthy dose of Sherlock, try keeping yourself occupied admiring these clever Sherlock cakes or trying your hands at these Sherlock recipes.

Kitchen Overlord’s Sherlock themed teabag shortbread cookies.

The BBC Sherlock Geek Cake Friday.

Non BBC Sherlock Holmes Geek Cake Friday.

Kitchen Overlord’s Sherlock Holmes Illustrated Geek Recipe

Finally, enjoy BuzzFeed’s Sherlock Drinking Game.

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