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Nerdy Super Bowl Snacks

Superbowl GRRM

Movies may like to portray jocks and geeks in an endless battle that can only be won when we cybernetically harness the meatbags to become our personal slaves. In real life, a heck of a lot of sports fans play things other than Madden on their X-Box while a heck of a lot of nerds participate in hardcore Crossfit training.

This Superbowl Sunday, nerd up your snack table with these easy, edible geeky homages.

1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls – Pizza is traditional. So is food you can shove in your face without looking at it. You don’t want to look at these too long, anyway, because their cold, dead eyes will stare right back at you, silently judging your choice of favorite team. They also happen to be a perfectly throwable shape, which is extra fun for a Super Bowl party. Best of all, if you’re short on cash but have plenty of time, you can make 100 of them for less than the cost of a couple large pizzas. You’re not being cheap. You’re impressing your nerds.

Shooter Sandwich – If you want a classier alternative to pizza, try this Whovian inspired Shakespearean Shooter Sandwich. Your history nerds will tell you the earliest recipe is actually Edwardian rather than Victorian, but there’s ample evidence that by the time any recipe was actually written down it had been enjoyed for decades, if not longer. The nice thing about this is it cuts into nice, pizza shaped wedges while being full of delicious steak.

Sontoran Baked Potatoes – If you want a cheap, easy, iconic way to impress some Doctor Who fans, it’s stupidly easy to turn basic baked potato fixings into Sontaran Soldiers.

Transformers Garlic and Herb Breadsticks – If you’ve got some time on your hands, you can always transform a little flour and yeast into the world’s most impressive garlic breadsticks. Protip: this works just as well when cut into the shape of your favorite team, favorite Game of Thrones house, or just the shape of a football.

Settlers of Catan Nachos – Bridge both the nerd and jock world with easy, delicious, hex shaped nachos. If using your broiler scares you, pick up some hex shaped blue corn chips and a copy of Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook for a ton of other nerdy snack food, including recipes for half a dozen home made dips.

Gelatinous Cube Jello Shots – If you want something more hardcore than beer with a decidedly nerdy finish, roll for initiative and whip up some of these Dungeons and Dragons inspired Gelatinous Cube Jello Shots.

Princes Buttercups – If you want a sweet finish for your Super Bowl party, make your friends some inconceivably good peanut butter cup cookies.

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