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Geek Cake Friday: 21 Zombie Wedding Cakes

In honor of The Walking Dead returning the same week as Valentine’s Day, we’re following up our 12 Best Walking Dead Cakes with this list of 21 Zombie Wedding Cakes.

It’s a good thing this zombie groom has an eye on her, because it looks like his bride is giving him the fingers. The rotted, decaying finger of love? Via Pintrest

You get the feeling all those hands belong to zombies who wanted to clap at this couple’s adorkable wedding cake. Via Pintrest

*Sniff* I think I’m in love with the cake on the right. Zombie remixes are the best remixes. Or, at least, the last ones.  Via Retrostyling

In the long run, I think her Katana is going to be more use than his shotgun.  Via A Blog 4 Guys

I adore the little details in this cake, from the silhouettes on the first tier to the gaping wound on the third.  Via FirstFoo

That cake looks so lonely in the middle of the table. Maybe I should shamble over to it and add a big bite out of the side. For, er, realism.  Via Imgur

This cake artist obviously has a lot of practice making traditional wedding cakes. I hope they enjoyed mixing it up with this bruise colored zombie variation  Via Pintrest

This cake is a reminder that if you overindulge at the wedding, you’ll wake up the next day feeling like death itself is trying to escape your body.  Via Tarringa

Of the many things to love about this cake, my favorite has to be the post-apocalyptic hotel room setting. Via Devanys Designs

It was chivalrous of him to wait until she’d finished dismembering the zombie before sweeping her off her feet. Via Pintrest

This cake is proof you don’t need years of fondant sculpting practice to make a zombie cake. A few plastic zombies, a vat of red icing, and a little creativity can make any wedding into an occasion to embarrass your conservative grandparents.  Via WeddingHairstylesHQ

Let’s play Hide and Seek during a zombie apocalypse!  Via Wedding Bee

I love the single slice cut out of the red velvet brain decorated layer. Via Bride Tide

The chainsaw and lawnmower combination are well on their way to becoming an undead wedding classic. Via WeddingBee

It’s a good thing I like the fondant sculptures of the bridesmaids and groomsmen trying to mount the cake, because that’s about to become a theme. Via LynnsLittleCreations

Only the bride and groom will survive this wedding. Via Indulgy

It’s hard to tell if they’re zombies or if they just got really wasted on the dance floor.  Via BuzzNet

The grass is greener on the other side because it’s still alive.  Via Beverly Dill

Is David Bowie going to burst from one of those mirrored bubbles?  Via Yelp

You get the feeling the bride and groom’s families did everything in their power to stop them from making it to the church on time. Via BuffysWriteZone

Y’know, screw this last survivor nonsense. Now that we’re both turned, our happily ever after can last an eternity. Via WeddingHairstylesHQ

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