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Happy VD from Kitchen Overlord. I hope you enjoy your nerdy infection.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Minions! I contemplated going old school and celebrating by having you all stoned to death, but the HR department says that’s bad for morale. Then I thought about doing something extra special to your hearts.

Sadly, the Harkonnen’s didn’t have enough spare heart plugs to share with everyone. Instead, this Valentine’s Day you’ll have to make do with these heart substitutes.

Like this anatomically correct edible pull apart heart.

Or this Nutella stuffed red velvet heart.

If you’re not so doughy, there’s always this gnawable beet heart for zombie walks.

Or the romantics can make their own super heroic, non-chalky conversation hearts.

If those love bribes work on your chosen’s heart, you can always celebrate sealing the deal with one of these 21 Zombie Wedding Cakes.

But if you’re alone, never forget you can always build your own valentine from spare parts.

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