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Geek Cake Friday: 13 Lovecraftian Cthulhu Cakes

We’re wrapping up our week of edible (yet unspeakable) horrors with these Lovecraft inspired Cthulhu Cakes.


Behold the simple beauty of smooth fondant with just a hint of eldrich horror. via Cake Central

When I said to keep an eye on the cake, I didn’t mean it literally.  via Blims

Instead of a singing telegram girl inside a cake, we decided to spice your bachelor party up with something you’ll never forget.  via The Lovecraftsman

What’s that, Timmy? Lassie says you you hid an Octopus in the well and now it wants out? via Pintrest

Squid God

Go ahead. Rehearse your fake fears during Shark Week. Once you come back in the water, I’ll be waiting.   via The Apricity

I know I should be impressed by the sculptural detail in the wings, but I can’t help wonder what’s hiding BEHIND Cthulhu. Giant fungus monsters? Evil waterspouts? The Kool-Aid Man after sprinkling too much blue meth in his sugar water? via deviantArtist DavidArsenault

The shiniest monster of them all rises from the depths of this cake to consume your birthday glee.  via Sugarland Chapel Hill

The filigree shows there is a special art to true madness.  via Pintrest

Their unspeakable love tore a nation apart. Tonight, on Maury, we find out whether their the giant Gherkin at 30 St. Mary Axe is actually the love child of Cthulhu and Big Ben. via E-Verse Radio

Stop trying to impersonate a jellyfish that ate too much plankton, Cthulhu. Your eyes always give you away. via Cheesecake Summer


Try not to be disturbed when the book starts reading you. via Pintrest

Someone’s penmanship really went downhill by the middle of their journal. via The Adventures of J and K

Tentacles! In! Space! via Red Wasp Design

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