Star Trek Week: Ferengi Ears

I’m almost embarrassed to call this a recipe. After all, I didn’t make the cinnamon roll dough from scratch. (And if you’ve been reading Kitchen Overlord for awhile, you know how much I love baking nerdy bread.) The thing is, not everyone has four hours to bake bread from scratch, and if they had four free hours to relax, there are crafts that need to be mined and zombies that need to be killed.

After a little consultation with the minions that almost certainly didn’t involve them duct taping me to a chair, it’s been decided there is a place at Kitchen Overlord for iconically geeky beginner recipes that take 20 minutes or less and consist entirely of reassembling pre-made, food-like items you can pick up from the grocery store. I think of this more as “food assembly” than cooking, but according to the minions, Mister Taser says I should shut up already.

So welcome to Easy Geek Food Hacks!

Kitchen Overlord Easy Ferengi Ears

Star Trek fans, it’s disgustingly easy to transform generic cinnamon rolls into a convincing set of Ferengi Ears using nothing more than a can of generic cinnamon rolls (the name brand Pilsbury ones won’t work) and some imagination. If you want to get some deep Ferengi ear wax going, pick up the orange flavored rolls and lightly ice the center spirals before serving. You can probably figure out the whole process just from staring into the spirally ears above, but if you have 4 minutes to kill, you should click on the video above and watch me show minion Drew how these are made.

Need more Star Trek Recipes?

KO_StarTrek header

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