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Meet Your Overlord at these SF/F and Comic Cons!

Chris-Rachael holding your Walking Dead Poster

Want to meet your Kitchen Overlord in person? I’ll be at the following cons:

Come by and say hello! You’ll find me in the TARDIS dress above, the Wonder Woman dress from my Kickstarter video, or some other equally geeky dress.

Astute readers may notice that list includes three cons in a row. Now you know why I’ve been a little lax on the new recipe updates. Never fear, though! Next week, we’ll be back with some gory vampire themed recipes to go with all the True Blood: Last Sips Cocktails we posted this week.

We’ve also started a weekly kitchen gadget review series with our partners at FanboyTV. Once a week, I buy and try everything from Jedi Lightsaber chopsticks to the Starship Enterprise pizza cutter to a TARDIS tea diffuser so you’ll know which ones are worth your hard earned cash and which ones are just preying on the love of fans. For our inagural episode, we not only reviewed ThinkGeek’s R2D2 Measuring Cup Set, but also have a set to give away!

Finally, if you haven’t supported our Illustrated Geek Cookbook Kickstarter yet, let me give you one new reason:

Yes, that’s George Takei as Sulu wielding a rapier full of Tribble Kabobs, and it’s yours. Everyone who buys a copy of the print book is also getting an 8.5 x 5.5 frameable print of that awesomeness.

We’ve set up a whole new series of stretch goals. When we hit each of the following milestones, EVERY SINGLE BACKER who buys a physical copy of the book will also receive a frameable 8.5 x 5.5 caricature of these amazing actors in deliciously nerdy situations.

The further we get up that ladder, the more free stuff you get. It’s the least we can do to thank you for all your amazing support.


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