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Kickstarter Update: Free Posters for Everyone!

Chris-Rachael with Walking Dead Poster small for internet

Everybody who signed up for a print copy of the book is also getting a special Kickstarter edition poster! That’s right! With less than 100 hours to go, the Kitchen Overlord Kickstarter just hit our $14,000 stretch goal!

This was our big goal from the start. Now, we have money to print all our books, posters, and art prints. That is MASSIVE. While everybody else is making fun of Kickstarter as home of the Potato Salad King, you – THAT’S RIGHT, YOU – are living proof that crowdfunding really does let indie writers and artists create weird and wonderful things too risky for a mainstream publisher. You’re awesome.

Right now, everybody who ordered a print copy of the book is also getting the ebook and the poster, plus the Sulu, Kiera Cameron, and Jack Harkness chibi prints.

Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Geek Cookbook Kickstarter Reward Jack Harness from Torchwood Kiera Cameron from Continuum eating a Terry's Chocolate Orange Kickstarter Reward: GeorgeTakei vs Tribbles Kitchen Overlord Kickstarter Rewards - Willow from Buffy chibi print

We’re really, really hoping to make a smidge more in these last three days so we can cover all our shipping costs, too. We love you, Australia, but we could buy human organs for less than the cost of shipping books down under.

If we make it to $15K by 5 pm Monday, you’re also getting a print of Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer leaving out a bowl of werewolf kibble. If, in a fit of crazy generosity, you get us all the way to $17K, Tom will draw up an extra special Firefly inspired chibi of Captain Mal and Saffron to include in all our print book backer bundles.

Folks who buy the book when it comes out this winter will just get the book, which is pretty cool, but not as cool as the book AND this big ass stack of backer love. You made this print run possible. You deserve to be rewarded for it.


Want to take home your very own dead tree copy of all the illustrated recipes plus a boatload of backer goodies? CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT OUR AWESOME KICKSTARTER! The madness ends at 5 pm Monday.