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Geek Cake Friday: NeverEnding Story

NES Movie Poster

In honor of Minion Lil Jinni’s week of NeverEnding Story inspired recipes, your Kitchen Overlord presents the best (and drunkest) edible tributes to your most depressing beloved childhood movie.

It starts strong with this epically gorgeous wedding cake by Art Cake in St. Petersburg, Russia. You could say this proves geek culture is truly international, but I say it’s proof Russians have a long history of loving literary expressions of existential angst.

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Desserts by Rebecca donated this lovely cake to the Lexington Children’s Hospital. It even has an adorable edible Rockbiter. (You can make your own Rockbiter cookies at home with Lil Jinni’s recipe.)

The Secret Moon Garden presents this epic Falcor the Luck Dragon cake. Try not to make eye contact as you cut into his tail for sweet sustenance.

ThreadCakes brings you Falcor as you’ve never seen him before, rocking out in a cake they call the NeverEnding Solo.

The baker behind Michelle’s Labyrinth surprised her friend with a white chocolate Lucky Dragon mud cake for her birthday.

Meanwhile, for James’ birthday, his friends classed it up with a NeverEnding Story book cake held closed by Falcor.

If the Falcor book cake is too happy with you, this one by Creative Cakes is held closed by Artax, shown here in better times, before wandering into certain rather aptly named bogs. (If you prefer clogging your arteries with a heart breaking version, try making Minion Lil Jinni’s Artax Mud Pie.)

Meanwhile, Vanessa Veasley gives us a snake-tastic book cake.

Cakes We Bake went to the Ominous Leather Tome school of edible book baking.

Finally, the folks behind I Waste Too Much Time At Work prove the wisdom of their site name with this hand drawn rendition of Jesus riding Falcor, which was almost certainly not created while stoned.

If you’re inspired to make your own edible tribute to the NeverEnding Story, try your hand at Minion Lil Jinni’s Rockbiter Cookies, Artax Mud Pie, or Baklava Books.

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