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Cheap Whovian Eats – Zygon French Bread Pizza Heads

Doctor Who Aliens RecipeZygon Pizza Bread

You don’t need to be as rich as Caecillus to feed a horde of unexpected visitors. For less than $10, you can throw together a plate full of Zygon heads so tasty your guests will want to kiss you.

Zygon French Bread Pizza Heads

1 loaf French bread
1 cup pizza sauce
2 cups shredded cheese
½ cup mini pepperoni slices
2 tbsp roasted red bell pepper slices (or regular bell peppers)
1 slice mozzarella cheese

Slice the French Bread on the diagonal. Arbitrarily decide which end is narrower and make that the “chin.”

Arrange the bread slices on a pizza stone or baking sheet. Now spread a couple tablespoons of your favorite pizza or pasta sauce on top.

Smother the bread slices with cheese. I like a mix of pepperjack and cheddar, but you’re free to use whatever you’d like. So far, it looks like a normal Tuesday. Be patient. The pepperoni makes all the differences.

If you can’t find mini pepperoni at your local store, just use your smallest cookie punch to get two little circles out of each regular slice of pepperoni. If you don’t have tiny cookie cutters, look around your kitchen for anything small, round, and easy to sanitize.

Place three vertical rows of pepperoni stretching from the top of the forehead ⅔ of the way down the face. I put four little pieces in the middle and three on the edge of each row. Don’t be afraid to put the mini pepperoni right on the edges. That gives it more of a rounded, fuller faced look.

Make the mouth by adding a slice of red bell pepper near the chin.

Bake the mini pizzas at 350F for 10-12 minutes, or until the cheese gets bubbly and starts to brown at the edges.

Take out the pizzas. As the cheese cools, unwrap your one slice of mozarella and cut it into six squares. Cut each square in half. You now have two triangle shaped eyes. Place them between the lips and the forehead. You know where eyes go.

Use the tip of a sharp knife to add in two slits for nostrils.

If you like olives, you can add a sliver to each eye as a pupil. (I didn’t happen to have any in the house.)

If you’re lucky enough to know any red haired twins or cosplayers who always show up in something identical, have them carry the tray around all night arguing over which one is really the Virgin Queen of England.

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