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Double my money! Hobbit Cookbook author offers $600 matching grant for One Last Party

Hobbit - One Last Party

As the author of the new Hobbit cookbook, I’m happy to support fellow epic level fan endeavors. The good folks at The One Ring have created an online community for Tolkien lovers for the last sixteen years, all run by fans, for fans.

In celebration of the last Hobbit movie, they’re throwing One Last Party. Imagine a glamorous LA Oscar night event, but run by geeks, for geeks, right before the Oscars themselves. And yes, costumes are totally allowed in lieu of formal wear.

Since a lot of us (myself included) can’t make it to LA, they’re live streaming the event for Tolkien fans to follow along with at home as a pre-Oscars, Hobbit-tastic celebration. Support levels for people who want to watch along include everything from T-Shirts to Posters to a goodie bag just like the ones being given to folks who can make it to the LA party.

As if that’s not enough incentive, every pledge received will be entered in the draw to win a signed Battle of the Five Armies Poster.

Hobbit - One Last Party Poster

You can support One Last Party on IndieGoGo by clicking here.

If you’re watching the live cast at home, impress your friends and family on Oscar night by serving up a Hobbit feast from An Unexpected Cookbook. Try the sample recipes from each chapter, or pick up the hardback book from Amazon.com.

An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unauthorized Book of Hobbit Cookery

Breakfast – Poached Pears Stuffed with Frumenty
Second Breakfast – Beef and Mushroom Stuffed Hand Pies
Elevenses – Shire Seed Cake
Luncheon – Stewed Hare with Root Vegetables and Dumplings
Afternoon Tea – Shortbread
Supper – Stuffed Roasted Mushrooms
Dinner – Boxty on the Griddle with Bacon

You can buy a copy of An Unexpected Cookbook here.

And don’t forget to support One Last Party here.