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Geek Cake Friday: 12 Delicious Doctor Who Aliens

While you’re waiting for your super easy Wibbly Wobbly Blue Curacao Cake to bake in one of the nifty silicone TARDIS cake molds, stare enviously at these gorgeous yet time consuming fondant creations depicting all your favorite Doctor Who aliens.

Adipose Cake from Eat the Evidence Dot Com

Eat the Evidence walks you through a step by step guide to adding more delicious fat to your diet. And making an Adipose cake.


Look, Doctor, you look great in that cowboy hat, but if you don’t get Prisoner Zero back to the Atraxi you’re going to lose your main source of human companions. Jonah and the Whale Cakes recommends hanging out with an unharnessed Star Whale if it comes to that. Maybe you can get a couple of Silurians and Sontarans to join you as comic relief?


The Face of Boe knows he won’t live forever because you’re about to take a big bite out of him. Via Forever Geek.


Why is it alright to say Moisturize (Me) but not okay to say anything is moist except a cake? Luckily, BBC America’s red velvet Cassandra gives you an excuse to use both words.


One bite of Happy Occasion’s Cyberman cake and your tastebuds will be upgraded. Via Technabob


He he he he he… Dalek Sek will now warp your mind to match his madness with the power of COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF te he he PURE SUGAR! Possibly laced with cocaine or the remains of some pig men, but he he mostly sugar. He he he…really, this time. TASTE ME! Via Cake Wrecks


After attacking the Graske in countless online games, hardcore Whovians will have no trouble gnawing an ear off this canon alien despite never seeing him in a single episode. Via Between the Pages


Okay, K-9 technically isn’t an alien, but only the heartless can resist the cuteness of the Doctor’s robot dog. Via Cake Wrecks


Every child deserves their very own Ood servant. It’s a shame John’s had a bad case of Red Eye, but it no doubt slaughtered him in a very tidy manner then cleaned up the post-birthday mess before his parents got home.  Via Little Cake Shop


Adrian’s Amazing Cake Creations pays homage to everyone’s favorite Victorian Silurian lesbian.  One look and I bet Jenny would eat Madame Vastra up. Via Between the Pages


Neil Gaiman taught us that the TARDIS is sentient, so feast your eyes on this sexy TARDIS control console groom’s cake from Clara and Julian’s wedding.


Don’t blink or the last slice of this Weeping Angel Cake from Mike’s Amazing Cakes will be instantly transported…well, not back in time, but definitely into someone else’s stomach.  Via Between the Pages


If you’re not a fan of cake or just want something you can create faster than an elegant fondant sculpture, you’ll find plenty of desserts among the 140 Whovian recipes in Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated

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