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12 Free Walking Dead Coloring Pages + 12 Colorable Character Chibis

Buy extra red colored pencils and crayons, because this week’s batch of adult coloring pages celebrates the return of everyone’s favorite slow walk through a dystopian zombie apocalypse. Unlike a gazillion other fandoms, there isn’t an official Walking Dead Adult Coloring book. However, there are oodles of fan artists producing printable black and white pages that are perfect for when you need to splatter a little virtual blood.


wd coloring 02

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via DeviantArtist jessemunoz


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via DeviantArtist DerekRodenbeck


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The amazing Dawn of DragoArt not only drew these adorable colorable Walking Dead character chibis, but also made a tutorial for each one! Click on the image to be taken to Dawn’s step-by-step instructions. If you’re not into chibi’s, she also has some fantastic tutorials in a variety of art styles.



Gosh. It seems like EVERY fandom has a new coloring book coming out in the next few months.

Even ours.

That’s right! For those of you who love our Illustrated Geek Recipes, I’m so excited to announce that Tom Gordon and I are just published Kitchen Overlord’s Colorable Compendium of Geek History wherein you color your way through over 120 years of geek history in 110 gorgeous pages.

Get yours in time for Christmas with Amazon Two Day Prime Shipping!

Kitchen Overlord’s Colorable Compendium of Geek History


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