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Geek Cake Friday: 12 Angelically Delicious Supernatural Castiel Cakes

spn castiel misha collins eating cake

via Strange Pictures of Misha Collins

Misha Collins is so adorable in real life that cake artists can’t resist sculpting fondant chibi’s of him. Grab your trenchcoats and rumpled blue ties because this week’s collection of cakes is about to grip your tastebuds tight and raise them from sugary perdition.


spn castiel 01

via Cake Central

So much respect for the time and detail work that went into all those feathers!

spn castiel 07

via Krista Mills

This little Chibi Castiel is too darn cute to eat. Can we peel the fondant off and keep it as a sculpture?

spn castiel 13

via Cassie Schroeder

This birthday girl was only two years old when Supernatural came on the air, which means she literally can’t remember a life without it.

spn castiel 08 via Kimberly Bell

via Kimberly Bell

This one is actually divided into thirds with Sam and Dean making up the rest of the cake.

spn castiel 05

via Supernatural FB Community

It’s like Castiel’s head was replaced with an anti-possession tattoo.

spn castiel 03

via Amelia Black

Those little hearts say what every Supernatural fan feels about both Misha Collins and Castiel.

spn castiel 12

via Quinn St. Louis

Yet another deceptively simple and straightforward suit.

spn castiel 02

via Pintrest

He’s armed with a little angel blade, and he’ll shank anyone who tries to steal a slice of birthday cake.

spn castiel 11

via Cakes Decor

I love clever uses of simple decorations. The message written in “salt” is perfect!

spn castiel 04

via Sarah Jane Owen Photography

spn castiel 10

via Imelda Becerra

Check out the adorable WTF on the cake order!

spn castiel 06

via DeviantArtist Peruki

Peruki has a special fondness for clean white sheets of fondant smeared with rough messages in fingerpaint, and I love them for it.

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Geek Cake Friday: 12 Angelically Delicious Supernatural Castiel Cakes

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