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#Wormsign Winners!

wormsign contest winner with geek breads preview twitter

Two names floated up from the Guild Navigators tanks! They summon @Hydra_Lord from Twitter and Arild Balog from Facebook as #wormsign sandworm bread contest winners! Instead of putting your hand in a box to prove you humanity, you merely need to send contact information so your Kitchen Overlord will know where to send your signed copy of Geek Breads when it comes out next month!

Check out the adorable paperclip maker hooks and tiny Lego Fremen riding Arlid’s Great Maker across the flour and spice dunes of his kitchen counter!

Thanks to all the faithful who shared their water with us during #wormsign! Our sietch was richer for it! Behold a sampling of the Great Worms of Arrakis and look upon their mighty forms as proof that you too can rise to the challenge of any recipe.


If looking at the book photo from Geek Breads versus these real life reader photos discourages you, I have good news. Check out these two handsome devils:

That’s the same loaf of bread. The first photo was taken on my camera phone in bad kitchen fluorescent lighting as soon as the sandworm came out of the oven. The second photo was taken after three light glaze coats in optimal lighting conditions with a professional camera and a nice backdrop. Same worm, same photographer (hi).

Every single one of the #wormsign sandworms looked even better in real life than in the photos – including mine! Cameras are tricky bastards. I heard from a lot of readers who said they wanted to make a sandworm, but they were too afraid of investing four hours in a Pintrest Fail. Pshaw. Don’t let professional photographers intimidate you out of making something that’s darn fun in real life. The worst that can happen is you’ll have to eat the evidence.

Thanks again to all the brave Fremen who participated! May Shai’Hulud’s spicy breath bless your sietch forevermore!



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