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7 Tasty Ways To Level Up Your Next Catan Night

These days, you can nerd up your dining room with everything from a Sonic Screwdriver cutlery set to Death Star chip and dip bowls. The next time you invite folks over for to spend a few quality hours ending lifelong friendships by playing Settlers of Catan, decorate your table with something more than a chunk of firewood and a leg of lamb.

Cocktail Glasses

SoC Etched Glasses from Dances With Monsters

Stop by Etsy to pick up some gorgeous cocktail glasses sandblasted with your choice of wood, sheep, stone brick, or wheat. Dances with Monsters sells the hand made glasses for $15 each.


You need something to put those drinks on, so why not put them on these official Catan coasters printed with your building costs! $24 gets you a set of four!


If glass and coasters are too classy for you, pick up this set of classic red Solo-cup style Hex Cups. Some people see beer pong, but I look at this and see a custom drinking game with five colors of Settlers of Catan themed cocktails. You can get a set of 22 for $15. (It takes 19 cups to make a board.)

Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook

You’ll want some munchies to go with all those drinks. Since you can’t get four nerds together without discovering five things wrong with their digestive systems, this cookbook is chock full of ways to make sure your vegan, gluten free, paleo, and kosher friends can all enjoy the same meal. Get a copy for $19.99 at Amazon.

Disposable Hex Shaped Serving Dishes

These are my favorite stealthy Settlers of Catan find! They’re designed for use in scientific labs. The “small” size is perfect for serving dips while the “medium” is perfect for entrees. Best of all, they’re only $10.50 for a pack of 100! That’s enough for 5 Settler’s boards. They’re pretty flimsy (after all, they were created to be lightweight and disposable) but no worse than most generic grocery store plastic plates.

Settlers of Catan Cake Pan

Officially, this is a 19 Hole Honeycomb Cake Mold, but look at that cake. You know what the creator was thinking. If you’re not in the mood to make an entire meal, this pan is the perfect size for a single boxed cake mix. Grab a couple tubs of icing and some food coloring and you can have an easy Edible Catan Map on the table faster than you can setup a new game. The silicone cake pans are $15 at Amazon.

Hex Cookie Cutter Set

If you’re more into cookies than cakes, you can always pick up a set of half a dozen sturdy hex shaped cookie cutters and create your own edible boards from scratch. I use black licorice for roads (because no one will eat it). If you’re nice, you’ll use marshmallows for settlements. I prefer to give people a real dilemma and offer them just enough Toblerone wedges for one game. If the give into temptation and eat one, you know next game they’re fighting for longest road. Get a set of your own cookie cutters for $12.



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