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Geek Cake Friday: 13 Lucky Deadpool Cakes

What’s black and red and sugary all over? Keep scrolling and you’ll find out.

We’re wrapping up our week long Deadpool extravaganza with a baker’s dozen of Deadpool cakes, ranging from well done to well intentioned to WTF?


I can’t decide whether I’m in love with this cake artist for using actual comic panels or I want to give them a thousand papercuts for slicing up a good comic. Can’t I do both?  Via Cake Central.


I am proud to see my favorite quote deliciously immortalized.  Via DeviantArtist puukilainen

Wade, stop playing in the growth serum! You’re hand’s bigger than your head. No, your other head.  Via Between the Pages.

I know Nick Fury’s normally in charge of these missions, but he left you in my care today. Now someone grab the bag of weasels. We have work to do before Glenjon gets home.  Via Cake Central

If you’re not already following Nerdache Cakes, you’re missing out on some of the best edible sculptures in the ‘verse.  Via Nerdache Cakes

Crazy fondant sculptures are awesome, but I love the fact that you can draw his face in icing while drunk and it’ll still look pretty darn good.   Via ComicVine

Get out your boas and chardonnay, girls, because tonight, Deadpool is a pretty princess.   Via Gaming In Your Underwear

Can’t make up your mind? Make it a real party and bring all the weapons!  Via Cakes Decor.

This streamlined cake is so darn pretty. It makes me want to shove my face right in the middle.  Via Cake Central.

Deadpool visits the set of The Expendables.  Via tucocinero en casa

Wait. What? This week, in a tragic accident at Xavier’s mansion, Deadpool’s DNA is inexplicably merged with that of an elderly lowland gorilla.  Via Lunchbox Unlimited

Need more Deadpool?

Come back all this week for tasty Deadpool fun including:

Deadpool Cookies
Deadpool Sushi
Dubious Deadpool’s Red Velvet Brownies (*new this week!*)
Deadpool Stuffs Your Piehole (*new this week!*)
Deadpool Sweet Rolls
Deadpool Cakes
And, of course, CHIMICHANGAS!


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