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3 Weeks of Special Tolkien Themed Menus for Fellowship of Fans Watch Party

Crawl out of your cozy Hobbit Hole and join the Fellowship of Fans community for their weekly Rings of Power Watch Party! Your hosts Michael and Jennifer have put together an amazing fan experience with live guests, fan art, custom cocktails, and, of course FOOD!

I’m delighted to be providing custom menus from An Unexpected Cookbook for the Fellowship of Fans watch party for episodes 5 – 7.

Episode 5: One (Cheap) Meal to Rule Them All

Episode 6: Small Adventures Traveling Food

Episode 7: A Night at the Inn

Every week they open up a discord server 2 hours before the episode airs so you can trade theories, gossip, and excitement with your fellow fans. This rolls right into a three hour live stream including unbiased reactions from new fans, a deep dive with superfans, a live call-in show, trivia, fan art, and more! Learn all the awesome details here.

Full menus will be posted here weekly, complete with historical details (and new modern cheats for speed and expense).


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