Supernatural Pies

Pi Week: Bobby Singer’s Hot Toddy Pie

Listen up, idjits! Hunters don’t live a long life, so if I’m gonna waste a few of my precious hours mine making a pie, it damn well better be one I can set on fire. One of you boys make me a Hot Toddy while I show you how this is done.

Geek Breads

Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll Guts from Kitchen Overlord's Dead Delicious Cookbook

Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll Guts

Igor! Fire up the lightning generator! We’ve made so many edible ears, eyes, and brains – now, my minion, it is time for us to ensure our creation can nourish its mind as well as its body. It needs bravery, strength, and most of all, bloody red (velvet) guts!

Doctor Who Recipes

Easy 10 Minute TARDIS Pie

Doctor Who Series 9 is mere days away, which can only mean one thing. While mainstream America is frothing over football, we’re all soaked up

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